Instructions For Uploading Files

Use this area to send files to Panther Graphics. Please Zip or Stuff all files. We can accept files up to 100 GB in size. Depending on your connection speed, this could tie up your computer for a long time. If you have very large files and a slow Internet connection, consider sending your job in on a DVD, CD, Flash Drive or other medium.

Just enter your information in the spaces below, click submit, and we'll send you a confirmation email to confirm that your files were received. It's that easy.

File Formats
  • CS5 or LowerAdobe InDesign:
  • QXP 6.0 or LowerQuark:
  • CS5 or LowerAdobe Illustrator:
  • CS5 or LowerPhotoShop:
  • Select Compatibility Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)PDF format:
Application Versus PostScript Submissions
  • Allows us to color correct images and tweek filesWorking files
  • Limits our ability to tweek your project to perfectionPDF's
File Preparation Tips
  • CMYK files at 300~350dpiPhotoShop Files
  • Do not imbed images and convert fonts to outlineAdobe Illustrator
  • Package all files and review report before submissionAdobe InDesign
  • Collect for output and ensure fonts are includedQuark 6.0
  • Submit PDF's from other applicationsPageMaker or Other
  • Call Panther Graphics for proper PDF export settingsPDF submissions

File Upload Center

Please place all files in folder then compress that folder. (Zip or Stiffit Preferred)




Click icon to select file for upload